Safepad FAQ’s


Which fabric and material is used in Safepad™?

The fabric is 100% polyester-based, the top fabric is soft velvet, and the core absorbent material is made of special treated fibrillated high absorbent fibers.

What chemicals are used?

The antimicrobial treatment of Safepad™ is formed by Silica, Nitrogen and carbon. It does not contain any harmful or dangerous chemicals nor does it contain antibiotics. The non-harmful chemicals used to make Safepad™ antimicrobial will not leak out of the fabric during use or washing as the treatment is permanently bonded to the fabric.

What is the lifetime of SafePad™ ?

Provided the care instructions (30 min soaking, rinsing, squeezing and drying) are followed, Safepad will withstand at least 100 washes. Assuming that the pad is washed twice in a period, 100 washes translates into 4 years of use. The antimicrobial efficacy will not deplete over time as the treatment is permanently bonded to the fabric.

Product care and hygiene

How do I use the Safepad?

  • Place Safepad inside your underwear
  • Bend the wings downward and snap the buttons together
  • After use, soak immediately or fold Safepad together and store until washing

How do I clean Safepad?

You may clean Safepad as per the recommendations which are: 

  • Soak for 30 minutes in cold water. 
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry in a well-ventilated area
  • Reuse Safepad once dry
  • Do not bleach or iron
  • Can also be machine washed

Due to the antimicrobial function in Safepad, which means that Safepad removes and kills bacteria on contact, Safepad can be washed in contaminated water. Safepad does not need to be dried in direct sunlight but can be hung inside in a ventilated area for privacy reasons.

How do I handle Safepad in public restrooms?

If there is no basin available in the toilet cubicle when you need to rinse Safepad, simply fold it inward and button the wings together and store in your bag. Wash it once you get home.

Health & Body

What is the average number of days per month a user has her menstruation?

The average menstruation period lasts from 4 to 6 days. Most women experience that during the first 2 – 3 days the flow is heavier.

How much do women bleed during the menstrual period?

The average is 2-4 tablespoons of blood throughout the entire period, but this can vary from woman to woman to less or more.

How many units of Safepad™ will be used over a 24-hour period?

It is difficult to predict as the flow varies from each individual. The average range per 24-hour period is 2 – 4 pcs. The first couple of days when the flow is heavier: 2- 3 Safepads during a 24 hour period. Towards the end of the period, 1-2 Safepads during a 24 hour period.

Can I use Safepad post partum?

Yes, Safepad can be used to manage your postpartum bleeding. You may want to get two boxes to have enough pads to change between as postpartum bleeding can be heavy and unpredictable and last for a few weeks (Approximately 6 weeks)

Can I use Safepad during menopause?

Yes, Safepad is a great way to manage your period during menopause. During this time your period may become heavier, lighter, and/or unpredictable. Safepad is perfect for either flow and to always have at hand.  As Safepad folds up to a small square, you can always store one in your bag without it taking up much space.

Will Safepad help with menstrual pain?

Many girls and women report that using reusable menstrual products such as Safepad does reduce their period pain and even their menstrual flow. It has not been scientifically proven why, but one reason could be that these products, including Safepad does not contain any harsh chemicals.