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Our feature in Pinelands’ local newspaper, Tatler. 

We hosted our first Fundraising Campaign from August – October 2021. 

The goal was to raise funds to provide 2000 South Africa girls or women with their own box of Safepad and educational booklet, “My First Period”. 

We ended our Fundraising Campaign with 619 Safepas and booklets funded. 

Click the image and view our distributions.

In the audio clip below, EB is joined by Sarah Jacobs of Safepad South Africa to chat about the reusable, antimicrobial sanitary pad developed in Denmark to help girls and women in the community.

End of November we went to Lavender Hill, hosted by a fantastic community leader and champion, Sheila Du Plessis.

We distributed Safepads, educated about the Safepads,  menstrual cycle and hygiene.

This was the final lot of the @thecoraproject sponsored pads and we want to once again express our gratitude for the funding that made it possible to distribute 170 boxes of Safepads in 3 communities.

170 young women have a sustainable and safe menstrual product for the next 5 years! 

A group of men from the organization @nikithembafoundation in Pietermaritzburg distributed Safepads to women in their community and educated them on the use of the pads. 👏🏼 A heartfelt thank you to these men for their work and to @aidsfoundationsa for sponsoring the Safepads and making this possible 🙏🏽