Change Makers

Rensia Baillache

I first heard of Safepad South Africa on Instagram when a friend tagged me in a competition. I loved everything about the product. Finally, a reusable sanitary product that is designed for all women, keeping ladies in mind that does not always have clean water available.  I knew that this is a product that I want to be very involved with.

Every year during the month of June, I use my birthday to encourage friends and family to donate to a charity instead of buying me gifts, and in 2021 I chose Safepad South Africa.

With the love and support from my friends and family, we raised 75 boxes of Safepad that I will now distribute in the communities around my home.”

 Jess Lawrie

“Every month women miss school or work because they do not have access to sanitary products. It is horrific that in 2021 women do not have access to something that will let them succeed in life.

I decided to do a fundraiser using Instagram as my platform to talk about period poverty and how it affects a women’s ability to have an education or keep a job (let alone get on with all other aspects of her life).

Period poverty is about so much more than periods. It’s about opportunities taken vs opportunities lost.

If you have the power to create opportunity for another human, I believe you have the responsibility to do it.”

Soné Van Der Merwe

Keramic Jewelry is owned by Soné who is an enormous promoter of the reuse, recycle and repurpose movement. The making of each pair of earrings also has very little to no carbon footprint as she does not use any electricity during the process. Everything is made as natural and sustainably as possible.

Soné and @keramic_jewellery have also partnered with Saage where 10% of all the sales goes toward providing Safepads to communities in a fight against period poverty.


Carly Jacobs

My name is Carly Jacobs. I’m 22 and I’m from Kensington/Factreton in Cape Town. I’ve lived in Kensington /Factreton for 22 years and counting. My community has taught me that when life knocks you down, it’s up to you to stand up or stay down. That has been with me for years.

Growing up in Kensington was very difficult due to a lack of resources, confidence and support we had in our community. Every day I see how all those negative aspects affect my community especially women and children. I want to help by raising funds to purchase a sanitary pad called Safepad (Safepad is a reusable pad that lasts for 5 years and it’s very safe) and diapers. I’ve seen how young females look for pads as well as mothers looking to find money to purchase nappies for their babies.

There are so many young females in my area who can’t really afford sanitary products. Reaching my target will enable me to bring some light into my community. 

The CORA Project

The Cora Project (CORA) is raising funds to help combat period poverty in South Africa.

CORA is an initiative whose mission is to end period poverty in South Africa by providing women and girls from underprivileged communities resources and education. CORA believes in sustainable solutions and have chosen Safepads as one of the sustainable products to raise funds for and make available to communities.

Berenice Adams (Parkwood)

I’m Berenice Adams and I’m 20 years of age and this is my Safepad story. Firstly it’s so comfortable, reusable, and easy to wash as well. Using the Safepad made my life so much easier and so much cheaper and I enjoy it. I would recommend it to all women. You won’t regret it. I love it.

Berenice is part of the Saage team and assists with regular community-based Safepad distributions and the education on how to use the Safepad.

Mama Flo

The aim of Mama Flo is to empower women and children to stay clean and healthy by providing them with short and long term sustainable solutions. In the fight to end Period Poverty in South Africa, Mama Flo fundraise for Safepads through their events such as the big Challah bake off – #bakeforacause. Because no woman should have to worry about a period.