Hi, we're Sarah & Gerald

Saage was founded by Sarah and Gerald Jacobs, social entrepreneurs dedicated to realising purpose in everyday life.

“We want to link people to products and processes that contribute to building resilience and bring peace of mind to everyday life challenges”

Sarah is a trained Nurse and qualified Social Educator passionate about health and community work. Originally from Denmark, she has lived in Cape Town since 2006, working for Netcare and the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. Her work in communities on the Cape Flats has primarily focused on reproductive health awareness and education in schools and local NGOs. A mother of 3 girls, Sarah is married to Gerald Jacobs, a development practitioner, passionate about youth and community development.


Why Safepad?

One of the things women have in common despite background, culture, race, and religion is the
menstrual cycle. During menstruation there are three things that most women agree to, they
want a product that is comfortable, safe, and trustworthy. Safepad is a reusable antimicrobial
menstrual pad that anyone can use. It is for all women.

Due to the inequalities in South Africa, not all women have access to menstrual hygiene
products. The Safepad gives individual change makers, NGOs, and companies a powerful
opportunity to champion a cause that gives young women, who don’t have access to menstrual
products, a safe and sustainable menstrual management solution.


Why Supertowel?

Only two-thirds of households in South Africa have access to handwashing facilities with soap.

The lack of access to water and soap poses a serious challenge in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

In response, SAAGE has sourced Supertowel which is an innovative solution to improve hand hygiene.

With its permanently bonded antimicrobial treatment which kills pathogens on contact, there is no

need to use soap and only a small amount of water.

Supertowel can be used for sanitising hands and surfaces, anywhere, and is for everyone.