Supertowel™ is a reusable and highly durable towel that includes a permanently bonded anti-microbial layer. It is designed to provide clean hands without using soap and using only a small amount of water.

About Supertowel

It looks just like an ordinary towel, but it has a built in antimicrobial layer that provides protection against pathogens. The Supertowel offers the user clean, germ free hands even in situations where neither soap nor running water is within reach. The Supertowel offers a high tech solution to a practical and very serious hygiene problem.


Hand washing is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent infectious diseases. This simple behavior can save lives. Pathogens can spread from person to person by physical contact. Therefore hand washing after contact with a potentially infected person, surface or object is an effective method to help protect yourself and others from infection.

Removes and kills Pathogens

Supertowel has undergone clinical tests showing that it removes more pathogens than soap and water when used for hand washing. The antimicrobial layer on Supertowel is efficacious against bacteria, fungi and so called encapsulated viruses. Supertowel as a hand washing tool removes pathogens from hands and kills it. Additionally, Supertowel offers protection against infected surfaces i.e. door handles.


Even Though the antimicrobial treatment on Supertowel is reported to be effective against encapsulated viruses, and COVID19 is an encapsulated virus, we do not claim that Supertowel is efficacious against COVID19. We suspect it is, but it has not yet been tested directly on the Supertowel. Such a test is right now being processed in partnership between a number of US Universities, the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and Real Relief.

Why Choose Supertowel

Health and hygiene:

– Clean & bacteria free hands

– Leaves no chemicals on hands or surfaces

– Fast drying

– Remains fresh and Free of smell for a longer duration than regular towels

– Flexible use and easy to have with you

– No skin irritation, less dry skin

Cost Savings:

– Long lifetime/durability

– No expiry of antimicrobial treatment

– Compact alternative to soap

– The anti-microbial technology is permanent and lasts longer than the materials of the towel

– Efficient alternative to soap


– Broad spectrum efficacy

– Fast acting technology, 99%+ bacteria killed within 30 secs

– Kills even MRSA and encapsulated virus


– Very small water consumption

– Even contaminated water can be used


Size: 30 x 30 cm, +/- 10%

Material: 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide

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